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102 min, 2021 dir. Hannah Jayanti

Documentary Feature

Truth or Consequences is a speculative documentary about time and how we weave
the past into the present and our possible future.
Set in the small desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the film takes
place in the shadow of the world’s first commercial Spaceport. Subtly set in a near
future when space travel has begun, the film follows five residents in the town.
Anchored in observational documentary footage filmed over three years, the film
weaves together archival footage, experimental virtual reality worlds, an improvised
score by Bill Frisell and a speculative premise based on current events – a launch
site for commercial space travel outside of town. These intertwine to create a lyrical
meditation on progress, history, and how we navigate a sense of loss within ourselves
and a changing world.

Film Website

"Haunted and Haunting"
~The New York TImes


March 5, 2021

Laemmle Theaters

Los Angeles, CA

March 5, 2021

The Future of Film is Female

New York, NY

March 5, 2021

Museum of the Moving Image

Queens, NY

March 5, 2021

The Parkway Theater

Minneapolis, MN

March 5, 2021


Philadelphia, PA

March 5, 2021

Epsilon Spires

Brattleboro, VT

March 5, 2021

The Brattle Theater

Cambridge, MA

March 5, 2021


New York, NY

March 5, 2021

The Screening Room

Tuscon, AZ

March 12, 2021

The Portland Museum of Art

Portland, ME

March 12, 2021

Jacob Burns Film Center

Pleasantville, N

March 12, 2021

Taos Center for the Arts

Taos, NM

March 17, 2021

The Guild Cinema

Albuquerque, NM

March 19, 2021

Lumiere Cinema

Los Angeles, CA

March 26, 2021

Facets Cinema

Chicago, IL

April 2, 2021

The Cinematheque

Vancouver, CA

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