TRT Unknown 2021


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“I privatized the footage by putting it into a documentary, and the time has come to tear it all apart and make it public together. Let’s see the film itself as raw material and to search and destroy the imprint of the privatizer, me Marlon Fuentes, in the process.”


“I hereby grant Sentient.Art.Film full access to My Private Graveyard. All I ask is that they read the following Call to Action...”


“The Five Invocations, Granted Legally, On This Day May 23, 2021, by Marlon Fuentes.


  1. Let’s explore the zone between Legibility and Illegibility, between Kronos and Kairos.

  2. Let’s collect and harness the energies of the interplay, the space between order and chaos, the unsettled and unstable (inter)section between form and function.

  3. Let’s weave a post-pandemic, post-legible, post-nostalgic, meta-narrative. A visible mosaic/quilt that reminds us of entropy and impermanence, and yet inspires us to create useful oscillatory platforms as scaffoldings and forms of resistance.

  4. Let’s revitalize method as Process, method as Frame, method as Post-Object Inquiry. Let’s dismantle/transform self-referential, hermetic narratives to fractured/asynchronous glimpses to the Hive Mind.

  5. Let’s exhume and reconfigure the Corpse. Don’t worry, it won’t mind. Let’s celebrate and participate in the birth of Cadavre Exquis 2.0.”