Sentient Bulletin

 Established in January 2021 and sent monthly, the SAF Bulletin is a monthly community newsletter created to foster discourse around film exhibition infrastructures; art/cinema cultures; and social change; as well as provide updates about our latest news, events, and activities.

SAF Bulletin Archive

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Introduction to the SAF Bulletin, blue constellations, My Sight Is Lined With Visions '21 launch . Read.

An interview with Alexander Porter, Sentient.Omnibus preview, Truth and Consequences updates, Roddy Bogawa in the vault. Read.

Springtime constellations, interviews with Inney Prakash and George Myers, Jiajun (Oscar) Zhang and Hee Young Pyun on Sentient.Omnibus, Line of Sight launch, Tran T. Kim-Trang in the vault. Read.

Letters for political prisoners in Hong Kong, interviews with Ja'Tovia Gary and Karin Schneider, the Line of Sight panels, Laurie Wen in the vault. Read.

A letter from Palestinian artists, a call for Bontoc Reconstituters, excerpts from a TWN panel titled  Abolition, Not Assimilation, lots of Sentient updates, and Jon Moritsugu in the vault. Read.