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Keisha Knight

Founding Director

Keisha has spent the majority of her adult life between New York City and Asia. She is committed to the expansion of the collective imagination. Keisha passionately believes that the entire lifecycle of a film, from conception to circulation, is a creative process that can expand or constrict what and how we imagine.

Ton-Nu Nguyen

Programming Associate

Ton-Nu is a student at Harvard College studying East Asian History and Film, navigating the landscape of Southeast Asian contemporary art and its historic undercurrents. Outside of Sentient, Ton-Nu is working on the Harvard Advocate's Migration Issue, where she serves on the Art board. In her free time, Ton-Nu enjoys trying to read Deleuze and checking out what's happening in the art scene at home. She's currently based in Cambridge, MA during the school year and, during breaks, divides her time between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hee Young Pyun

Creative Director

Hee Young Pyun is an architect / filmmaker from Korea. She has been working on various architectural projects and exhibitions internationally, continuing her experiment with cinema as a media to explore space and place. She also collaborates with filmmakers from all over the world, as a writer, director, and designer. 

Nace Zavrl

Programming Consultant

Nace Zavrl hails from beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is a doctoral student at Harvard University and a regular contributor to Radio Študent, KINO!, and Ekran magazine; he also works as a curator and critic of contemporary art. Nace has written on film and experimental media for Afterimage, Senses of Cinema, and the Moving Image Review and Art Journal.

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