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72min, 1991, dir. Roddy Bogawa

Documentary Feature

SOME DIVINE WIND - a rough translation referring to Japanese Kamikaze pilots (on 'God's wind') - is the story of Ben, an American-born young man of mixed parentage, whose father was part of a bombing mission that destroyed his Japanese mother's village and killed her entire family during World War II. Although his father discovers this horrible coincidence when he meets his wife after the war, he keeps this realization secret. Eventually his father has a breakdown, confessing his tragic story, forcing Ben to be torn between his love of his parents and internal feelings of betrayal by his own fervent efforts to assimilate.

~Roddy Bogawa


". . .Bogawa's peculiar temperament, one of the most totally Southern Californian sensibilities on film, is like a mixture of Chris Marker, Robert Towne, and James Benning. . ."

~Daryl Chin, Image Forum


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