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75min, 2018, dir. Christopher Makoto Yogi 

Narrative Feature

Musician Alex Zhang Hungtai (of Dirty Beaches) returns to Hawai‘i after years abroad. His search for home and roots intensifies when he forms a bond with local kupuna Akiko.

Starting in January 2019 Sentient.Art.Film will take August at Akiko's on an Asia/Pacific theatrical tour.

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Transcendently Inventive

~Richard Brody, The New Yorker


March 1, 2019


             Hanoi, Vietnam

February 27, 2019

            Cinema Paradiso

            Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

January 16 -- February 3, 2019

             Bangkok Screening Room

             Bangkok, Thailand

January 26, 2019

             Hin Bus Depot

             George Town, Penang, Malaysia

January 18 & 26, 2019


            Jakarta, Indonesia

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