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A personal travelogue that captures the boredom, precarity and fantasies of an undocumented immigrant crossing America by train.


Director’s Statement
A giant, loud container full of people, luggage, sewage and microwavable food. For 3 days I stared at moving light passing through the residue on its windows like one long dolly shot from coast to coast. Los Angeles to New York, the great American travelogue in reverse. From its rear window the tracks look like film strips. 16:9 intermodal shipping containers passing narrowly 5 or 8 feet from heads resting on windows sleeping. The Milky Way galaxy seems so small compared to its far reaching tentacles. A spectre that migrates mountains, trees, crude oil, plastics, glass, French fries and footwear. Everything organized is in displacement. The AC puts me to sleep. I close my eyes and the motion of passing scenery continues. I dream I am at an airport in Manila. I wake up in another state. There are 2 white Border Patrol vehicles pulled up at both ends of the next station +1 unmarked car. The plainclothes officer with the walkie talkie commands the other 2. They are right outside my window now. At this point my slow and steady camera movements breaks down. The image stabilizer fails in my hands as if the camera suddenly becomes self aware of its immigration status.

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